Alot of readers after seeing photos of Cossy's sex tape with dog requested for the video. And i got it. This might not be a real sex scene, but it’s sure pretty close. Just watch. Those are that familiar with the whole gist are aware that, Cossy Orjiakor has been in the center of allegations surrounding having a sex scene with a dog to insinuate what Naija prostitutes do in Italy. The actress is also known to not be ashamed of showing her breast on screen, and as a matter of fact does show some top half boob action in this clip. (WATCH VIDEO) This is a pretty racy scene, even though there might not have been actual penetration… at least I hope not…lol. What are your thoughts? Part of acting?… A tad bit too far? Completely unacceptable? Yarn make we hear biko.
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    1. Not real...fake

    2. This isn't real man. The dog seems super-imposed on the poor lady to make believe.


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