Its like when the Federal Government put a ban on Practicing Gay in Nigeria, Some people paid deaf ears. Well, just keep on hoping you wont be caught practicing it, these photos were sent to us from a source who claimed that this is Lesbian Party, more like a picnic going on in there school for only girls. Here is what the source said exactly..

Hello, naijaXclusive, I would wish if you can share this story on your platform, There have been rapid increase of gay relationships in Nigeria and these days alot of people take it as a normal thing, here I was invited for a party, so i cam with my boyfriend and later got to know it was an all girls party, so since he had exams, he said i should just have fun that we would see later, I was disappointed, but later decided to cheer up since i didnt want to feel down, but i was surprised that when the music started playing, girls started doing erotic stuff with each other, some where kissing, and touching each other sexually, i took pictures but my battery was low so i couldnt take much, here are the ones i got, i would have loved to share the university with you but dont want any stupid stuff to come out, and since am a girl i would be affected, cause you know that even if i share the name of the uni with the world, if the authorities come they will start doing off things, which will simply just piss me off. but i can confirm that its in the eastern part of Nigeria thou. please share my story and pictures too. thank you

Its really sad, to see such. If our generation could practice things like these what will the next do, its going to be disastrous, see the photos she sent to us below, what do you think people

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    1. D gurl dat sent dis story is a liar,luk guyz closely at d pictures u can c sm boiz dancing with sum gurls in d picture,didn't u guyz check b4 u post dis pictures,it is a party,u get drunk shit happens,n if u like no post my comment

    2. Dis is a pure lie, chei nigerians nd lie ohhhhh, u guys din even fink twice before posting such fake story nd pix, ar u blind, cnt u see guys dere.. Big lairs

    3. Its a pure lie pple!Naijirians can lie.

    4. this picture is Kenyan...I was at that party

    5. Guyz veiw that pix well,the pix z a capital tie,boyz are clearly identified in the pix,cant u see


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